Gezo Marques “pronounced JAZZ-oo, just so you know” was born in Brazil and lives in Portugal. He made his way through college with a degree in Media Studies and then took a different learning path, working for several ad agencies as an Art Director in both countries, being currently Creative Director at one of Portugal’s leading agencies. As fate would have it, though, he just had to inevitably find a different way of expressing himself: art.

In short, Gezo Marques was born and bred and breathes through curiosity. His recreative art, pun intended, starts with objects as stimuli. Gezo comes across these found objects down the street, around the corner, kerbside… basically: wherever and everywhere. You know, stuff the less attentive or maybe just less creative of us would not only not notice but possibly even throw out. Just stuff. For the artist, anything can be a canvas that’s already been painted on. In fact, it’s this ‘non-blankness’ that moves him, for if the object’s already got a history, that will be its turning point. Its history will now be part of another story, a whole new one. Through Gezo’s hands.

Hands, eyes, and heart. These are the main ingredients of Gezo Marques’s pieces. Granted, memories of a happy childhood will always find their way in and leave a mark. After all, who wouldn’t have liked to have grown up in a household where sentences like ‘stop doing that!’ or ‘that better not stain the carpet!’ were never uttered? And, clearly, the sense of aesthetics and just plain sensitivity that the years have brought out, crafted, perfected and then some, also play a big part in Gezo’s approach to his art works.

Less clear, though, is the process a mere wooden floorboard tile or a street poster torn off the wall have to go through, in order to become something… else, altogether other. Well, the process is called metamorphosis but still, what the, why on, how the, huh?

A self-confessed fan and follower of Lavoisier’s Law of Conservation of Mass, Gezo goes way further and farther, to the point where some Greek cosmology theories actually make more sense, e.g., things don’t just become ‘nothing’, in the same way things don’t just come from ‘nothing’. There’s always a next episode of a past history.

Welcome to Gezo Marques’s. Here, you can see the work of the artist that tells stories through stuff.


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