Favela Sideboard\2

When we look at a picture of a favela, the first thing to jump out at us is a mosaic of textures and patterns, parts of a whole that’s makeshift and loose but also so compact that it almost melds into one single unit, in spite of all the deformities and random notions of volume. In a favela, things may not even be that nice when you take a closer look but, from afar, everything takes on another layer of beauty, unexpectedly enriching. And it’s that very notion of a dimension and perspective all its own that ended up as the main inspiration for this line of furniture. Each piece in this collection is made out of stuff which original form and function are so far apart, their predefined paths would never cross otherwise: wooden board tiles, fruit crates, skirting boards, table legs, etc. Once reused, all these spare parts become limbs of the same body and, by the same token, take part in other stories, very different to the ones they knew. Nothing is lost, everything is rediscovered. Refound. Remet.


This is a one-of-a-kind item, but the technique can be reapplied to another chosen piece of furniture. Get in touch for availability.