Gezo Marques’s work is conceptual not pretentious, human not soulless and organic. So, for a practitioner of art with a heart, a workshop has to look and feel just as organic. His Workshop is not an assembly line, where assistants are overseen and supervised. Gezo’s Workshop is his and his alone. And that’s why it should mimic the dynamics of a living organism, changing accordingly to each of the artist’s project.

So, if you find yourself walking down the Workshop’s street and you have a peek, you might find a space filled with pieces of wood. Go back a week later and you’re bound to find a house invaded by plastic toy aliens. It all depends on what goes on inside the artist’s head, meaning hands. And that’s something he doesn’t know himself.

You see, more than a workplace, Gezo’s Workshop is a place to play. Don’t be misled by this, we’re talking about playing that relies on heavy duty work, but ultimately, it is a playground of sorts. Or better yet, a toyshop where a child walks in for the very first time. And which he’ll only leave when he feels like it.

The Workshop is where things are born, pieces grow and start to actually be. Sometimes, they start out as things the artist thinks and plans, even if they do end up as a surprise to the maker himself!

Gezo Marques’s Workshop was born five years ago and is located smack-dab in the middle of Bairro Alto, the city’s heart that beats to the sound of daytime classes at the Lisbon’s Music Academy.

Rua Luz Soriano 71, Lisboa, Portugal
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Wednesday to Saturday.
From 10am until 7pm, unless I’m out for lunch or doing some shopping.

[email protected]